Spring fever comes to everyone… spring fever, it’s time for fun. Get up, get out… spring is everywhere.

What is it about the middle of March that just makes you crave Spring (and Summer!) so much? The days are longer, and–sometimes–even warmer. It’s so close, almost close enough to touch, and yet… so far away. Just when you get one beautiful, fabulous I-can-wear-cute-dresses-and-only-one-pair-of-tights-whoooo day naturally the next day is cold, and dreary, rainy and gross. You have no idea… I literally dream of the cute floral dresses on Forever21.com. I think part of me craves summer so much because I know it holds only the most amazing things; it’s been so long since I’ve planned for a summer, knowing there is nothing to dread. My world is just opening up, ready for the taking. And there are plans: road trips, camping and even a music festival on the horizon. My life is finally falling into place.

First up? St. Patrick’s Day. And if last year’s shenanigans are any indication, this year will once again be a complete party (and I’m beyond exciting, making sure that I took off not only that day but the day after.) Once again I’ll spend my entire day with my best friend, and her family, drinking green potion and rocking a green tutu. And hopefully I can find my camera between now and then, so I can capture the day properly. After that? Well, in general spring means a closet clean out, healthy eating, and what is that? This girl has a date? Yes, it’s true. I’m finally finding myself relaxing and letting myself get out there, whatever the hell “out there” means. And getting to know those cute boys I’ve closed myself off from. I’m not even sure what dating entails since I’ve never actually been on a real date in my 24 years, but I’m kind of excited. Now what will I wear…. (I’m sure there will be a fashion update just to gush.)

Maybe it’s the hair, but I suddenly feel all grown up.


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