Now honey, put on your red dress… and you diamond soul shoes. Climb on down from that window, climb on out of your room.

Vintage coral floral dress. Claire’s kids stretch blue and coral bow belt (turned around). Claire’s charm necklace. Dollarama aviator sunglasses. Not pictured: Garage denim jacket. Black flip flops. Aldo brown faux leather bag.

It seems like ages since I’ve actually seen the sun. It seems like it has been raining for years–not just the last month. Never the less, it’s hard to daydream about summer when it’s chilly and wet outside. I have an extensive sunglasses collection, but absolutely not reason to use it when it’s cloudy and grey. And so, give me a little sunshine, and I’ll embrace summer as much as possible, even just for a couple hours. Jeans and t-shirts are all fine and dandy, but give me a sundress any day of the week. Comfy and romantic, I just can’t get enough. So hopefully more summer days will come, more excuses to get dressed up and visit the ducks and sip overly caffeinated drinks.

ps. I totally need to figure out something to do with my hair. It’s in that in-between stage that makes it impossible to do anything with, and leaves me with that urge to chop it all off. I need to figure out something to do with it, and quickly. Short hair is just too high maintenance for me.

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