Hey Ho… Lets Go.

I have to admit, but I’m kind of sheltered when it comes to romance. I grew up watching Sex and the City and under the impression when it came to dating it was as easy as walking down the street to get a date. This will probably show how naive I actually am, but I honestly believed being single would go something like this: brokenhearted for a couple months, get over it, stand in line for coffee, meet cute guy and BAM! Boyfriend. Cue credits. But reality has been more like: brokenhearted for year and half, meet cute boys, meet cute boys girlfriend, get hit on by guys looking for sex, meet cute guy, flirt for months and months and months, stop hearing from cute guy. Cue me sitting with best friends complaining about boys and cursing television and movies for ruining real life for me.

Not exactly the picture I was hoping for.

I know part of my problem stems from the fact that I’ve never, ever actually done the whole dating thing. All I know is what I’ve seen on TV or in the movies. Getting to know guys, going on dates. It’s as foreign to me as physics. Actually, no… that’s a lie. I’m pretty sure I even know more about physics then I do about dating at this point. (Unless, of course, Big Bang Theory has been lying to me about that too!) But, you know there is a moment where you sit back and realize that there is no instruction manual for life, and prince charming isn’t just going to up and appear out of no where. And so, well, I kind of made a first step… I joined an online dating site.

Truth is, once upon a time had you asked me if I would ever feel the need to sign up for online dating, I probably of told you that you were crazy. Then again, I probably would have said the same thing about karaoke. So on the recommendation of my friends who have had success on said site, I decided there was no time like the present, and signed myself up. And so far, well… the best word to describe it would probably be overwhelming. But it’s also interesting, and the truth is already I’ve been talking to a couple guys who seem pretty cool. So we’ll see what happened. The truth is, I’m still keeping my heart fairly guarded so I’m not sure what’s going to happen. First steps are easy, but I know, eventually, it’ll be time to stop being scared and just jump right in with both feet. But I can definitely promise that whatever this holds, there will be more than one story to tell. And you know I’ll be bringing you along on this ride.

After all, I’ve never been good on adventuring alone.


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