Another year you’ll all be here… falling in love and watching sunsets and sunrises.

Today was the first time this year it honestly felt like summer. With the sun shining, music playing, and best friends around I was suddenly transplanted back to the summer I was seventeen, and life was as simple as a day at the lake and a couple of drinks. While I seriously seriously need a job, I can suddenly understand the beach bum lifestyle. There is something absolutely fabulous about spending the day in the sun, listening to the songs of summer and laughing about times past. Of course, now that summer is pretty much here it’s painfully obvious I need to start working out. (And, before anyone says anything, yes I know I’m thin. I’m not trying to lose weight. I want to gain muscle.) The lack of muscle tone is actually pitiful. If I’m going to be spending my summer lounging in a bikini, I need to feel like I’m not made of melting clay.

Showing off my dollar store sunglasses.

Greg’s empties. (We took them with us when we left, no worries)


The songs of summer.

About to do some backflips.

Beer good.

Bikinis are great beer bottle holders.

The lake is somewhere past the trees (and freezing.)

Best friends.

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