And the seventh thing I like the most that you do… you make me love you.

{yes, I’m aware I used Miley Cyrus as my title. Please don’t judge me. I used to work at Claire’s, where it was blasted constantly, and it fit with the blog entry haha.}


This morning, I got a lovely surprise when I was nominated, by deargeorgie for the versatile blog award. This is the first time I’ve ever had one of these passed onto me via this blog, so it’s exciting! The basis is posting seven random facts about myself, then passing it onto seven blogs of my choice. Of course, I’m not sure who to choose for those seven blogs {kind of defeating the purpose, I suppose}. So I’ll have to go with Little Elle, Dancing Hoping Living Dreaming, Chocolate Covered Katie, and… and you. If you have a blog and are reading this I select you for a little randomness. Ready, set, go!

Seven random facts about yours truly:

    1. Even though I go on every summer about wanting to eat healthier and get into shape, once the drink-filled lake days start I let it fall by the wayside. However, after realizing that I couldn’t even hold my body weight in a back bridge {I used to be able to do back handsprings} I realized that I need to stop making excuses and start getting healthy. I’m doing small goals, a week at a time, but by the time September comes I hope I’ll be running every day and able to hold my own body weight–because seriously, I’m not that heavy! (I’ve also started my own healthy living tumblr because the girls there offer so much daily inspiration.)
    2. Speaking of exercise, I ran into my ex-boyfriend from when I was sixteen when I went out running with the dog this morning. It actually made me chuckle. He’s actually the only one of my exes I actually still occasionally talk to, which also makes me chuckle. Who would have thought.
    3. I’ve decided to get my Batman tattoo added onto. I love it the way it is, don’t get me wrong, but I started thinking adding the Gotham skyline–and turning it into a Bat signal in the sky–would just give it a little something extra. Of course, it’s going to hurt like the dickens, and I need to get the money first, but when everything comes together… it’ll be fabulous.
    4. Speaking of Superheroes, I’m going to Green Lantern tonight with my Dad to celebrate Father’s Day early. I’m kind of scared because there reviews haven’t been great (or, good… at all) but never the less I’m wearing my Green Lantern t-shirt and going to enjoy every second of it. Now all I need is a power ring!
    5. My current musical obsession is The Gaslight Anthem. It was a random twitter suggestion last November when I was on the look out for new music and now… I have their entire discography, and they’ve become my sounds of summer. My favorites songs have to be: “Miles Davis & The Cool”, “Boomboxes and Dictionaries”, “We Came to Dance”, “The Backseat” and “Meet Me by the River’s Edge.”
    6. This weekend, I’m helping my sister at a thing for Atlantic Fashion Week, helping her sell her homemade jewelry. My sister makes the most gorgeous stuff–she made all the wedding jewelry for her bridesmaids and herself–and I’m excited for her. Of course it means make up and dressing like a grown up, but that’s okay with me. Especially if she pays me in soy cappuccinos and dirty chai lattes.
    7. Finally, not a statement, but a picture: Guess who is five months old today!



One response

  1. aw, fun facts!

    i answered this a little while ago on my bloggy, so i’m just going to give you seven random facts about me on here!

    lemme think….

    1. i’m disgusted, horrified, and afraid of cucumbers. EW EW EW EW.
    2. i can’t REALLY swim
    3. i have a tattoo of a cat wearing underpants on its head and it says “meow?” underneath. aaaand it’s on my butt.
    4. in exactly 8 days i’ll be unemployed. i don’t have a plan for the first time in my life, and i’m REALLY looking forward to it.
    5. i’ve had more fun being single these last few weeks, than i think i ever have in my life!
    6. one of my favourite songs of all time right now is i’ll kill her – by soko (excellent girly stuff!)
    7. i’m really good at keeping secrets

    hope you enjoyed this! xoxo

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