You got your hair combed back and your sunglasses on, baby.

So here’s the thing, every so often I get to crushing on a celebrity in such an immense way that it’s actually funny. I think it was something to do with the fact that I can’t handle a real life relationship, so an imaginary celebrity boyfriend is pretty much the next best thing.

For a long time, that celebrity boyfriend was Chris Lowell.

I pretty much fell deeply in love with him the second he popped up on Veronica Mars, and he’s the reason that season 3 is the season I watch most often. There was just something awkward and adorable about him–plus I’ve always had a thing for boys with shaggy hair–that I instantly was smitten. That scene (above) where he goes for it and kisses Veronica Mars. Talk about swoon worthy. When Veronica Mars was tragically ripped from my life, I followed him to Private Practice, falling even harder for his sweetness. The boy just oozes charm. Really, I thought it was an imaginary relationship for the ages. True fake love. But sadly, like any relationship, sometimes you have to admit when things just aren’t working anymore. And you have to imaginary break up.

But, be still my heart. There is someone who has totally stolen it.

First off, I love Glee. It’s totally my guilty pleasure. And one of the reasons I’ve especially enjoyed the show is the lovely boy pictured here. And it’s funny, because at first I just enjoyed his character, but didn’t think too much about it (although, I have to admit, his cover of “Don’t You Want Me” was just…. yeah. Awesome.) And then I saw a couple interviews with him, and oh my goodness, serious swoonage. I’m not ashamed that I have watched quite a few videos on Youtube (not to mention A Very Potter Musical). First off, he’s smart, adorable and charming. Secondly, the boy is beyond talented. And third, he can rock pink sunglasses like nobody’s business, and you know… I like that in a guy.

Seriously, who needs a real life boy when you can have an imaginary one?

And, because I have to share this adorableness with the world (and, okay, have an excuse to watch it again), one of my favorite videos I’ve discovered. If only I could find a real life guy this adorable. Seriously, what is it about a guy who can sing?

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