And you can tell Jane, if she writes, that I’m drunk off all these stars and all these crazy Hollywood nights.

While going through a list of things I could write about, I was kind of at a loss. It’s not like things haven’t been happening lately–a lot is going on. It’s that I’m just not sure where to start. It’s almost overwhelming. So I figured there was no time like the present for something a little random, something that had little to do with anything. Once in a while, it’s nice not to have a point, but to write for the sake of writing. And so, with that being said…

Twenty-one Random Things You Didn’t Know About Me (And probably don’t care about either):

  1. My very first “boyfriend” was in kindergarten. His name was Jesse, and he had a rat tail and wore a leather jacket. He was also left back in kindergarten when everyone moved on. Even at 4, I really knew how to pick winners.
  2. Sometimes, when I feel a case of writer’s block going on, I put on one of my many pairs of nerd glasses. I’m not sure why, but for some reason it makes me feel more writerly. (Yes, I’m aware writerly is not a real word. That’s not the point.)
  3. There are 2656 songs on my iTunes.
  4. I own over sixty bottles of nail polish, and counting. Currently I’m loving mixing and matching with the OPI Shatter (I have silver and black and I really want to add at least white to the collection). I’ve also been playing around with the idea of doing a Batman themed mani soon. Wait and see..
  5. My (third) cousin is Brad Richards, who just signed a contract to play for the New York Rangers. Yes, that’s pretty much my only semi-celebrity contact, but he did play for the Tampa Bay Lightning a couple years ago when they won the Stanley Cup.
  6. I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books, nor seen any of the movies, and yet I’m completely obsessed with A Very Potter Musical. Though, it could have something to do with the very adorable Darren Criss.
  7. My very first real job was selling furniture.
  8. Lately, I’ve realized I really miss acting. In High School, I lived for Drama class. In grade 11, I starred as Cindy Lou Who in our class production of The Grinch, and in grade 12 I was the Ghost of Christmas Past. I’ve decided I’m going to try and see if I can get into it again. I just love how it brings me out of my shell.
  9. My favorite apple is granny smith.
  10. Even in the dead of winter, I always always always have my toe nails painted. I just cannot abide bare nails.
  11. The last book I read was Sarah Dessen’s “This Lullaby“. I relate far too much to the main character in that book. It’s so comfy to return to. I’ve read it so many times, that I’m surprised I can’t repeat it, word for word, without even having to repeat it. Also reading “On The Road“.
  12. The last comic books I read was “Batman: A Death in the Family” and “Batman: Under the Hood“.
  13. Thirteen is my lucky (and favorite) number.
  14. I own about fifteen pairs of sunglasses (that I can think of off the top of my head). To me, sunglasses are like shoes or purses. You need to have one to go with every outfit. Although my current favorites are my pink (Hello, Kitty) wayfarers. They cost me $1, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  15. Darren Criss’ cover of “Part of Your World” just came on my iTunes. (I also almost just wrote “eye tunes”).
  16. Sometimes, I really miss actually dating. Or just having someone to get to know. Sometimes, being single can be really lonely. Plus, I miss having someone to make special gluten-free cupcakes for.
  17. Lately, I’ve really been thinking about making some serious life changes. A job, for one. But I’ve been feeling like growing up some is definitely needed. Weekend madness has been fun, but I’m starting to get tired of that whole scene. Who would have thought?
  18. I really want a Star Wars shirt.
  19. It blows my mind that this blog has been around for almost three years. And that I’m still writing here.
  20. I’m a notorious tipsy//drunk texter. It has gotten to the point where if I go to a friend’s house, I made sure to store my purse somewhere so I don’t play with my phone until the morning. I’ve always been known to have some hilarious drunk Facebook conversations. And one absolutely hilarious MSN conversation (and four hour phone call at 3am) with my high school ex-boyfriend the night before the big break up.
  21. Sometimes, I seriously considering saving up as much money as possible, and moving away, making a life change. I’m not so sure that Halifax if going to be the location of the great big things coming my way. But I suppose only time will tell what the future holds for me.

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