I’m gonna stay eighteen forever… so we can stay like this forever. And we’ll never miss a party… ’cause we keep them going constantly.

Over the last year or so, I’ve filled many an entry with stories and pictures of what I call “weekend madness“.

But trust me, this is nothing new. I’ve always been a bit of a wild child, especially when cheap wine is involved. Last night was spent reminiscing about times past, remembering the silly moments and the trouble we got into–jumping into the lake tipsy on wine, a whole lot of nudity courtesy of one too many games of Dare, and a drunken afternoon involving leftover wedding wine and a jacuzzi filled with bubbles. Back in the day, there was no Facebook for pictures, so usually they disappeared onto someones computer, never to be seen again… until a drunken Saturday night seven years later.

Warning: these pictures are silly, drunken, and are probably only hilarious to those who were involved and remember that silly awesome day. Even still, looking at these pictures I remember that summer, and everything that happened with nothing but a smile, regardless of what has happened since then. Sometimes I wish I could go back to seventeen, if only to relive the silly moments, and to capture that feeling of knowing anything could happen. We were young, in love with beautiful boys, and invincible.


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