It’s a beautiful night…. we’re looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.

A year ago today, two life changing things happened–one, my little sister got married. And two, my uncle–my mother’s only brother–passed away. Both of these things happened at once, almost instantaneously, leaving my family to be caught up in a wish-wash of emotions. While we wanted to be happy and celebrate the life that my sister and her new husband were creating, we couldn’t help but know that we had just lost someone who meant the world to us. Over the last year, both of these things have affected me in very different ways. My uncle was an incredible man, who lived every day to the fullest. He was a Star Trek nerd, a former motorcycle bad ass, and all around sarcastically awesome. I can only hope that I can be as witty as he was just naturally. And my sister’s marriage, first of, gave me a brother (which, I always wanted), but I also showed me that not all love is badawfulhorribleheartbreaking. Sometimes, fairy tales–though maybe not like the kind I read as kids–can come true. And growing up, well, it’s not all bad.

So in honor of that one year anniversary, I thought I would post some of the pictures from that day. I never did originally, since the day after we immediately left to go to my Uncle’s funeral. But I thought why not celebrate a year–of sadness, and most especially of joy–with a peak back to the day.

August 28th, 2010


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