Baby, you’re not alone… ’cause you’re hear with me. And nothing’s ever going to bring us down.

It’s hard to believe, but this year is almost over.

It just seems like yesterday, it was 2010 on the verge of ending and I was looking forward to drinking away a hell of a year. While 2011 hasn’t exactly held the same life changing milestones, it certainly has in its possession some more subtle ones. If 2010 was the year of extreme change, 2011 was a year of growing up for me. No broken hearts or crazy hair or even new tattoos, but some somewhat maturing. I think the one thing I learned the most this year was about letting go–of preconceptions and expectations, of hurt, of pain, of the things that make you unhappy. Quitting my job was one of my proudest moments because it was the moment I decided I wanted to be happy.

And, of course, there was my nephew who honestly has helped me the most. Who knew a 11 month old could teach you so much about life. But he does, everyday–he opens my a little bit more to the reasons why life can be exciting, and how short it really is. And because of that I’ve refused to let life slip by. I’ve made amends, I’ve made friends, and I sure as hell have made sure I haven’t missed a chance. Because, I only get one life. It sure as hell better be as amazing as it possibly can be.


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