Opening Credits:Life is a Song” –Patrick Park
Average Day:    “Here in your Arms” –HelloGoodbye
Spending Time With Friends:    “Photobooth” –Death Cab for Cutie
Driving:    “A Place in this World” –Taylor Swift
Bad Day:    “Beautiful Mistake” –The Ataris
Mental Breakdown:    “Secret Oath” –The Spill Canvas
Life Is Okay:    “Do You Wanna Dance?” –The Ramones
Longing For Love:    “Three Wishes” –The Peirces
First Glance/New Crush:    “Song for a Mix Tape” –The Ataris
Secret Love:    “The Secret’s in the Telling” –Dashboard Confessional
First Date:    “Night Drive” –The All American Rejects
Falling In Love:    “Watch the Sky” –Something Corporate
Love Scene:    “With Me” –Sum 41
Fight Scene:    “Breathe” –Anna Nalick
Breaking Up:    “All Hail the Heartbreaker” –The Spill Canvas
Flashback:    “Summer Wind” –Frank Sinatra
Long Night Alone:    “The Best Deceptions” –Dashboard Confessional
Wishing For Love To Return:    “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” –The Postal Service
Fighting To Get Him Back:    “Boys Better” –The Dandy Warhols
Proposal:    “Do You Remember” –Jack Johnson
Wedding:    “Fly Me to the Moon” –Frank Sinatra
Reflecting On Life:    “When the Music’s Over” –The Doors
Reflecting On Love:    “All You Need is Love” –The Beatles
Death Scene:    “Here’s to the Night” –Eve 6
Closing Credits:    “Soco Amaretto Lime” –Brand New


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