A kiss on the hand may be quite continental… but diamonds are a girls best friend.

I plan on writing on my weekend adventures at the Atlantic Fashion Week Market, but in the meantime I’m going to direct you to my sister’s brand new site for her jewelry design collection: Be*Jewel*Me Jewelry Designs. Obviously, I’m slightly biased but check her out. She creates these amazingly intricate designs I could never in a million years come up with. I spent this weekend tweeting my favorites, and I hope you’ll give her a glimpse!

Get your best dress ready… shine your dancing shoes.

I’ve always kind of had a thing for prom. Even when I was a little girl, I totally dug the idea of getting all dressed up–a princess for a night. Okay… that’s a lie. I still am totally intrigued with prom; I always look forward to the prom episodes of my favorite shows.

Now I started dreaming about my prom dress when I was about 11, infatuated with the prom special episodes of my favorite TV shows and movies: Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Popular, 10 things I hate about you, She’s all that, and so on. I think of all of them, my favorite would have to be Buffy’s prom dress when she graduated from Sunnydale High. If I had a chance to go back, to redo prom, that would definitely be my inspiration. However, I do have a fair share of my own prom moments. Maybe it’s too early for nostalgia, but who doesn’t love a walk down memory lane.

When I was fourteen I remember saying that when I eventually went to prom, I was going to wear a long, slinky, gold halter dress, which I do believe I remember seeing on an episode of Days of Our Lives and falling absolutely in love with. Even though prom was a good three years away for me, I was absolutely certain that I would still want that dress (and, that by then, I would be thin enough to wear it). When my grade 12 prom finally did come along, I ended up falling in love with this flamingo inspired lace and pink dress. It wasn’t your typical prom dress, and I think that was what I loved most about it. It was different. I also love that when I wore it 2 years ago for my Mom’s “prom” birthday, the dress was just as fashionable as ever.

In 2006, when all my best friends were graduating, I went along with one of my best friends as her date. Obviously, as it wasn’t my own prom, I wasn’t going out to spend a couple hundred dollars on a dress. But I wanted to look pretty. What I ended up going with was a white lace vintage dress I had bought for $10 a couple months before. I ended up basing my look on a dress Mary-Kate Olsen wore to a premiere a couple years before. God, I loved that dress even if it was too big for me at the time (and is definitely too big for me now!) And someday I hope I can find an excuse to wear it again. Although looking back on it, I definitely wish I had worn my hair down and curled, as opposed to up. It just would have looked better with the dress.

Finally, we have 2007 and my sister’s/Andrew’s prom. Again, I found my dress in the same little vintage shop–tags still attached. You can beat a $200 dollar dress for $17. I remember seeing it and thinking it was very old Hollywood. Of course, it was also a little large when we bought it so we created a little sequined belt for the middle to cinch it in enough that I didn’t look like I was swimming in it. The funniest thing, though, was that my sister ended up finding her prom dress in the exact same color. We were twins. I definitely think of all the prom dresses, this was my favorite. I felt my prettiest. Okay, and I kind of love the skull necklace my sister made for me, that little bit of sass.

The thing I think I love about all my dresses, besides that fact that the were all totally different, is the fact that I don’t think I’ll ever look back at the pictures and wonder: what the hell was I thinking? Then again, who knows. Maybe 20 odd years from now I’ll be helping my own daughter (or niece) get ready for her prom and she’ll look at my pictures, cringe,  remarking: “Oh my god, those dresses are just so retro.”

Apparently I’m feeling fairly nostalgic lately. Blame it on my Blink 182 playlist, or reading through diary entries of the past… who knows.

We are the cartoon heroes (oh-oh-oh)… we are the ones who’re gonna last forever.

Boy’s X-men graphic tee. White garage tank top. Black jeggings. Purple Claire’s nerd glasses. Not pictured: Black Joe Fresh flip flops.

It’s no secret, that I have a thing for superheroes. I’ve made it very clear. But sadly, my collection of superhero t-shirts is definitely not up to Sheldon Cooper standards. While I’m always on the look out for more to add to my collection (which currently includes Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman–obviously–and a few of the Marvel superheroes), I don’t really have the funds right now to afford the t-shirt collection I wish I could own. However, after seeing the new Thor movie I decided I have a new superhero crush and wanted a t-shirt to show my devotion. Sadly, I couldn’t find one in the comic book style that I can currently afford. HOWEVER, checking the little boys section, I discovered they have a huge collection of t-shirts. No Thor, sadly, but I did find this little treasure.

As a kid, I grew up obsessed with the X-Men animated series. I wanted to be Storm. So when I saw this shirt, Wolverine right up front, I knew I had to buy it. Now some people may say that 24 year old women shouldn’t buy kids clothing, but to those people I say: pfffft! Did you know that you don’t have to pay HST on Kids clothing? Besides, if the shirt fits… why not buy it? Personally, I think Sheldon would be proud.

Now I just need to find myself a Thor, a Flash, an Aquaman and maybe Ironman to add to my collection. (Not to mention Star Wars and Transformers to boot!) I’ll definitely always be a nerdy kid at heart.

Now honey, put on your red dress… and you diamond soul shoes. Climb on down from that window, climb on out of your room.

Vintage coral floral dress. Claire’s kids stretch blue and coral bow belt (turned around). Claire’s charm necklace. Dollarama aviator sunglasses. Not pictured: Garage denim jacket. Black flip flops. Aldo brown faux leather bag.

It seems like ages since I’ve actually seen the sun. It seems like it has been raining for years–not just the last month. Never the less, it’s hard to daydream about summer when it’s chilly and wet outside. I have an extensive sunglasses collection, but absolutely not reason to use it when it’s cloudy and grey. And so, give me a little sunshine, and I’ll embrace summer as much as possible, even just for a couple hours. Jeans and t-shirts are all fine and dandy, but give me a sundress any day of the week. Comfy and romantic, I just can’t get enough. So hopefully more summer days will come, more excuses to get dressed up and visit the ducks and sip overly caffeinated drinks.

ps. I totally need to figure out something to do with my hair. It’s in that in-between stage that makes it impossible to do anything with, and leaves me with that urge to chop it all off. I need to figure out something to do with it, and quickly. Short hair is just too high maintenance for me.

It’s a beautiful day… don’t let it get away.

Teal American Eagle v-neck t-shirt. Blue Floral Delia’s shrunken blazer. Light gray cardigan (under blazer). Black tie dye wash Jeggings.  Favorite sparrow necklace. Claire’s black crossbody bag and lace patterned oversized sunglasses. Not pictured: Black Joe Fresh ankle boots.

I hadn’t mentioned this before, but I kind of quit my job a couple weeks back. There was a whole lot leading up to it, but I finally just couldn’t take the dramatics and decided it was time to move on… without having another job lined up. Yeah, kind of silly, but it was time to move onto something new. Right now, though, I’m in-between, finding myself with a whole lot of time on my hand. And so who doesn’t love a random Halifax date, walking around with my favorite person ever? And when buying way too much caffeine and checking out cute boys (and sipping delicious $5 power hour mid-afternoon cocktails), one must rock only their most fabulous outfit.

I love this blazer, mostly because it reminds me so much of spring. It was a Frenchy’s find, costing me barely five dollars. It’s great for laying over dresses or a t-shirt and jeans. I’m not sure how many more carefree days I’ll have of walking aimlessly, but no matter what I’ll try and look as fabulous as possible while doing it.

Workin 9 to 5… what a way to make a living… barely gettin by.

Striped Joe Fresh hoodie. Black high wasted skirt. Black studded belt (from Claire’s). Layered tights. Not pictured: Black studded boots.

It’s been a long, long while since my last clothing inspired post, mostly because my room, like my life, had got slightly (okay… very very very) unorganized. It was actually kind of insane. But since I seem to be getting things in order, I thought there was no better time to break out a fashion post and my outfit du jour. Yes, it’s simple. But lately when it comes to work I’m feeling uninspired. I think it’s mostly because while I’m still working there physically, my heart isn’t in it anymore. Gone are the days of Pirate inspired outfits and silly dress ups. Instead, mostly, all I want is to get through the day and week, the time until I find a new job and can officially leave. Hopefully though, as things keep changing, the fashion posts will continue and I’ll find a reason to dress up again.

Give me a head with hair… long beautiful hair.

I have a confession to make—lately, I’ve been faking it.

My love affair with changing my hair started when I was a little girl. As long as I can remember, my mother has always had a collection of extensions and wigs. Everything a girl  could need to feel like someone new, if only for a couple hours. I remember in junior high, I used to play around with wearing them. They were a different color, and never really matched, but they were always fun to pretend with. Sure, occasionally people would make a comment like “I think you missed a stop when dying your hair” but it didn’t matter because they had noticed something was different.

I restarted my obsession with hair extensions last year when I first started growing out my short cut. But it’s definitely grew x10 when we got these amazing hair falls at work. I bought them initially for my Wonder Woman costume (since superheros just need long hair. True story.) But once I put them in, I realized how much better I like my hair at this new longer length. Maybe it’s just because it’s new and different but I feel so much sassier (not to mention prettier) with this new long hair. In fact, I have a feeling I’m just beginning a new love affair with hair extensions and hair pieces. I’ll never be able to afford $1000+ permanent extensions, but I definitely could get used to this new long haired girl looking back at me in the mirror.

I guess it’s true–I am such a girl.


And as the summer’s ending… the cool air will rush your hard heart away.

Black Danier sweater. White Tank top. Blue and green plaid pleated skirt. Claires’s black thigh high socked. Not pictured: studded boots (from my birthday last year).

This work outfit is actually from a couple weeks back, but it’s a perfect example of my kind of autumn outfit. And since today (or rather, tomorrow just after midnight) is the first official day of Fall, what better time to show it off.

I love the autumn seasons for many reasons: A month of birthdays, Halloween, cozy oversized sweaters, over the knee socks, and many pairs of boots. It’s always been my favorite season for fashion, even though when I was school I usually found myself in my usual jeans and a t-shirt uniform. But for some reason, lately, I find myself in love with skirts and tights/over the knee socks.

Of course fall holds more than just fashion trends that I adore–there is also the change of color in the leaves, and that chill in the breeze that is the perfect excuse for cuddling. I know they say that spring is typically the season for falling in love, but for me fall has always been the time of year I’ve found myself surrounded by romance. And with a new boy in the picture (more on that later, I promise), I can only imagine there may be some cuddling on the horizon for yours truly. And I know the perfect outfit to do it in.

Friday night and the lights are low… looking out for the place to go. Where they play the right music, getting in the swing.

Leopard print Urban Behavior dress (my 23rd birthday dress). Claire’s crystal and rhinestone drops. Claire’s rhinestone bracelet. Not pictured: patent pleather peep toe pumps.

I bought this dress for my 23rd birthday celebrations last October. I remember when I first tried it on, I felt incredibly sexy, and knew it was the dress I wanted to ring in my 23rd year in. A lot of time has changed in the 10 months since I last wore this dress, and I was almost debating not wearing it. Remember what I said about memories attached? But then I decided (a) I didn’t want to go out and buy a brand new dress when I really, really, really do have a thousand dresses I haven’t worn enough and (b) I wanted to give this dress some good memories. And I knew Jenn’s bacherlotte party would certainly be the night for that.

That was the plan at least.

I think the saying goes that when you least expect it, that’s when your ex-boyfriend decides to once again prove how much of an asshole he is. Like when you’re sitting VIP in a swanky club with some amazing girls, drinking one of the best cosmos you’ve ever tasted. Yes, that’s exactly the moment your ex-boyfriend chooses to email you a picture of him meeting one of your favorite actors. Way to rub it in. I’m not sure why, after all this time, he still feels the need to contact me (especially when I’ve repeatedly told him to leave me alone, fuck off, ect). The thing is, most of the time I just sit there and take it. But I’m so tired of sitting back, and not doing anything when he and his bitchy girlfriend decide to see how much it takes to make me snap. And that’s honestly how it feels. First there was the night at Pacifico where I didn’t get into a fist fight with her, and trust me when she’s 2 feet away trying to convince the people I’m with to leave me, it was hard. And now once again he proves how little class he has. I guess they really do deserve each other.

But regardless, I had a good time. And I helped Jenn celebrate her last night as a single girl the best to my ability… after my mini emotional breakdown. And I also discovered that Pizza Pizza is now in Halifax! There was no drunken pizza last night, sadly, but I’m hoping to get to see if the gluten-free pizza is just as good as I remember.

And isn’t she pretty in pink..

Pink Le Chateau blouse. White Wal-mart tank top. Dark Gray skinny dress pants. Assorted jewelry: silly bands, large silver hoops, Hello Kitty pink plastic ring, pink jeweled flower hairclip. Not pictured: Black slide sandals. Black Cardigan.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have an extremely emotional connection to clothing. When it comes to clothing, some things I hold onto just because of the memories attached. This particular shirt was bought when I was in the 11th grade during an awesome sale at Le Chateau for $5. While it’s a bit bigger on me now then it was then, it is still one of those shirts I absolutely adore. It’s funny too, because I can’t wear it without thinking about all the memories attached–which, given that I’ve owned it for seven years are quite a few. I still remember wearing it for my first Valentine’s Day with you know who. You would think that it would be painful to wear this, and have those days come flashing back, but it’s not.

Once in a while, a stroll down memory lane isn’t so bad. Especially when you feel so pretty.