Insert Veronica Mars theme here.


It’s really happening.

In one week, the Veronica Mars movie–a movie I’ve been waiting for since the show went off the air in 2007–becomes a reality. Words can’t even begin to describe my excitement. Back in 2009, I posted that they were trying to make a movie…. and then nothing. Eventually I started to lose hope that we’d ever get closure to the end of the series.

And then, last March, they announced the Kickstarter with an adorable video. And my dreams of a Veronica Mars movie became a reality.

I wish I could put into words the excitement I’m feeling right now. I think Kenton thinks I’m a little crazy considering I’ve been obsessing for… oh, the last year about this movie. I have my tickets, my TEAM PIZ shirt is in the works, and I’m already planning on showing up to the theater at least 2 hours early because I want the best seats in the house. Yes, I may be a little obsessed… but Veronica Mars has never let me down. All I need to do is re-watch the series in the next 6 days (which, with this weekend off, will be no issue.)

Now all I need to do is figure out a Veronica Mars themed manicure, and I’ll be all set.

Oh yeah, and TEAM PIZ all the way.


Hey… if Veronica doesn’t end up choosing Piz (LIKE SHE SHOULD), I’m more than willing to mend his broken heart… just give me a fancy hotel room and a long weekend. ;)

I’ve got a theory… that it’s a demon. A dancing demon… no something isn’t right there.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: season two picture taken from the chosen two gallery.

I know I’ve written here before about my obsession love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and briefly hinted at my reasons for that love. But as I rewatch seasons 1 through 7, I’m reminded again and again why Buffy is still my hero. Before I had best friends, before I had a boyfriend who loved me, I had Buffy. What I always loved about this show is the fact even though Buffy was beautiful, witty and smart she wasn’t really popular. She was quirky (vampire slayer) and she was a little awkward, but I related to her and the rest of her scoobies because I knew what it was like to not feel normal, to feel like an outsider. I may have never been a vampire slayer (although I wrote plenty of stories where I discovered my calling) but I knew that feeling and I related. And that’s why, even after all these years, Buffy still relates to me. And why no matter how old I get, coming back to this show fills me with nostalgia. And why I adore watching this show over, and over, and over again.

(just incase you haven’t figured out, this is my random Shannon-is-bracing-for-a-hurricane-post written on the off chance I currently have no power. That, and I apparently have no idea what to write, and when I have no idea what to write I write about Buffy.)

And true, it may seem like a stretch… but it’s thoughts like this that catch my troubled head when you’re away… when I am missing you to death.

Life hasn’t been overly exciting as of late. I’ve worked twice, done more shopping then maybe I should have, had an awesome day hanging out with Alicia, and have lacked in both tidying and organizing (my bedroom is a pitiful mess) and writing. But the thing is: I want to write. I want to tell stories. It’s just that everytime I try to think of something relevent and amazing to write about, all I can think about is how lame it is and then the computer screen remains blank. I don’t know when I started to care about what other people think of what I write. I write for me, and only me. That’s why I started this blog in the first place!

Now my fictionpress stories on the other hand… that is a completely different story.

Anyways, to keep myself writing, here is a basically summary of all those things going on lately. Like, I said, life isn’t a whirlwind of excitement right now, but that doesn’t meaning I’m living the life of a nun. So, in no particalar order–my life:

  • Speaking of starting this blog, on Sunday is the official one year anniversary of the beginning of this blog. I’m not sure if I’m going to do some kind of special post on it, or what, but I can’t believe it’s been almost one year since the beginning. Also, I can’t believe it’s been a year since the events of last summer.
  • I’ve done quite a bit of shopping lately. Not an excessive amount, but I have bought quite a few adorable things (and thankfully, on great sales). However, one of my biggest splurges has been these shoes. While I tend to be subdued in my shoe choice pretty often, I fell in love with those shoes the moment I saw them (a couple months ago) and I’ve waited and waited and waited to buy them. I almost didn’t get them–they were all sold back. But when I found them, and tried them on, it was like Cinderella and her glass slippers. The perfect fit. Also: I managed to work over three hours in them, just after buying them and I didn’t feel like killing myself. Always a shoe bonus.
  • Some of my cousins from PEI came to visit this weekend. The three girls–Kara, Kacey and Jenna–are busy, busy, busy but it was so great seeing them. Kara and Kacey were born here, when I was eleven (almost 12) and are turning 12 the 21st of August. Kacey was the first newborn baby I ever held and now the two of them are going into grade seven this fall! Doesn’t make me feel old, or anything…
  • I’ve restarted Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning.  Shows about vampires in love with humans are a pretty big trend right now (Twilight, Trueblood, the new show coming out on the CW The Vampire Diaries) but to me Buffy will always be the best of the best. It may be campy, and cheesy, and some of the fashions are… interesting. But this show will always been my ultimate favorite. I can watch it over, and over and over.
  • Yesterday I went grocery shopping with Mum and found Glutino Spinach Soy Cheese gluten-free pizza (with brown rice crust) for $5.99. Now while I tend not to eat prepackaged foods often–especially those which are processed and higher-fat foods–I couldn’t pass  these up. In fact, we bought two, just because these things tend to go quickly. Oh, and they are amazing. It’s been a long while since I’ve had a quick pizza like that. Definitely not something I could eat a lot, but perfect for once in a while (especially those lazy days when I want pizza and don’t feel like making my own). Another amazing new gluten-free and dairy-free discovery: these Purely Decandant ice cream bars. Mine were made with coconut milk, which I couldn’t find on the website. But none the less: yum yum yum.
  • Speaking of food, Katie from Chocolate Covered Katie is hosting a give away on her blog for a Spirializer. And oh my god, do I want one! I’ve been seeing these on the food blogs I frequent, but her recipes this week have been so yummy looking. I’m not a pasta person in the least, but I do love my spaghetti sauce a lot. Usually, I eat it on it’s own, or with spaghetti squash. Being able to make noodles out of zuchini? Oh, it would be so perfect. My fingers are crossed that maybe, just maybe, I could win. But if not, trust me, I’ll be buying one of these anyway.

And that’s pretty much my life right now. Besides enjoying the last few weeks of summer, and trying to decide what to do once September comes, there isn’t much going on. Hopefully, the room gets clean, and I get organized sooner rather than later. A couple more mornings waking up at 6am, and I may just get it done. I’ll be a tired, cranky, mess. But at least my shoes will be organized.

Oh, and one final thing: I have a cousin leaving for Afghanistan (actually, he may have already left) and all I ask is that you keep him in your thoughts. With all the news of young soilders being killed, I get more and more scared for him. He’s a month older than me, to the day (September 15th) and currently has a baby on the way. All I can pray is that he returns home swiftly, but more importantly, safely.

Clinton, my thoughts are with you.

When things get rough, he just hides behind his Buffy… now look, he’s getting huffy… ’cause he knows that I know.


Blue knitted sweater. White wife beater. Distressed Bongo bluejeans. Blue fuzzy slippers (not pictured).

Geeky confession time? I bought this sweater the summer before the 10th grade, before I went to high school. Evidence of my inability to part with my favorite things right here. And I bought it based on this sweater worn by Sarah Michelle Gellar in season 2 of Buffy, episode 4 (Inca Mummy Girl). Yes, I specifically bought something because I wanted to look like Buffy. I remember wearing this sweater for confidence, and some times I would pretend I was Buffy. Okay, I was 15. Give a girl a break.



It’s kind of funny how much this sweater has seen, if you think about it. High School. First real boyfriend. First real heartbreak. Summers. Memories (good and bad). Falling in love for the first time. It’s been a while since I’ve actually worn this sweater. Once upon a time I used to wear this when… arms needed to be covered. And I remember days when Andrew would see me wearing this sweater and that look would cross his face: fear. Thankfully those days are behind me and I hope I can create new memories for this sweater because it’s pretty fabulous, and comfy and warm. And perfect for another lazy day like today, when the beautiful and amazing summer weather has faded into seasonable weather. I think I’m going to go for a walk… I have a letter to mail. And maybe for old times take I’ll pretend I’m Buffy, even for a minute.

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t give me a break. 15 or 22, Buffy is still my hero.

Come on now sugar, bring it on, bring it on yeah…

So this morning I found out something very exciting. Something which inspires me to write!

My second favorite show of all time (second only to the great Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is becoming a great feature film: Veronica Mars. I have been waiting for this announcement since the day the CW–those bastards–killed any hope I had that television is more than just reality show whores and really attractive actors playing doctors with horrible scripts and super dramatic relationship problems.

Let me start this by saying that when I was a kid, pre-Buffy, I had two childhood heroes: Nancy Drew and Penny (of Inspector Gadget fame). I can remember being in the second grade and playing Nancy Drew in the playground, pretending to pick at locks in order to “solve” crimes. It’s not an understatement to say that I wrote about a thousand stories as a child involving me and my best friends trying to stop the bad guys, all while looking cute and making witty remarks.

Buffy somewhat solved that void, but when Buffy ended my heart sank. Reruns could only do so much. ‘

And then, in 2004, came the answer to my television problem. A little television program with great writing and that Buffy air to it. So obviously, I immediately fell in love with that show. To be honest I didn’t end up watching the first season until that summer when CTV started airing it. Of course I tried getting Andrew into it initally, but he didn’t really pay that much attention while I just freaked. When the second season started, I was obsessed, although Andrew tended to watch House which was on during the same time slot. Our Tuesday nights never meshed. But the next summer, after buying the first season and, later, the second season on DVD I tried to get Andrew into it. And *bam* it worked. To the point where Andrew, halfway through the first season, borrowed the DVDs and stayed up all night watching the rest of the season because he had to find out what happened.

So at 5am this morning, when I found out on ONTD that the Veronica Mars movie is ago, I had to quiet my fangirl excitement. I’ve been having a total Veronica Mars obsession lately, and Andrew and I are currently re-working our way through the first season again. So finding out that the Veronica Mars movie will becoming to a theatre near me in (hopefully) the not too far off future, I can’t help but get super, super excited. And want to share this news with the world. I can’t wait to find out what happened: Was Keith Mars voted back into office as Sheriff? Did Logan and Veronica end up together? Did Mac and Dick finally end up together? Can I have Piz?

Oh wait, that wasn’t a loose storyline… but can I? I promise to have him home before midnight.

And for those who have never watched Veronica Mars and have no idea the amazingness they are missing (and are not close for me to personally invest them in the television program, like I have been doing with those around me. Up next, my sister and her fiance who I know will appricate it as much as I do) a short video which is going to show you all that you are missing. And hopefully make you go out, rent the first season, and become instantly hooked. So just sit back, relax, and let the magic happen…

ps. Rob Thomas, if you happen to be reading this, all I ask of this new movie is that you throw back to the orginal version of the theme song by the Dandy Warhols. If my boyfriend doesn’t do his Veronica Mars credits dance, then I will have to shed a tear. Oh yeah, and don’t eff this up. Thanks. =)

I wait here forever just to see you smile… cause it’s true I am nothing without you…

To be honest, I don’t really have anything interesting to say on this frigid January evening. But, since I’ve made the goal to try and post more often, here I am. And what better to post than a scene from my favorite show and a current musical obsession. Besides, any excuse for Chuck Bass is a good excuse. I’m not even sure what it is about this scene that just gets me every time, but I find something about it tugs at my hopeless romantic heart strings.

So, here, for your viewing enjoyment–my favorite scene from my favorite show and my current favorite song:

ps. Usually I don’t even like bow ties, but somehow he makes it look sexy. Yes, I realize that I am obsessed…. but come on! He’s Chuck Bass!

You want a piece of me…

I stole this from Ev’yan, so I thought I would fill this out since I don’t have much on my brain right now.

The rules of the “MeeMee” are:
1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

  • I have an unnatural obsession with realty television. My favorites are (in order of preference)–Intervention, America’s Next Top Model & X-weighted. I’m not sure exactly why I love these shows, but I do, especially intervention. Thank goodness for Youtube.
  • I have always, and will always, love Britney Spears. Christina was cool, but when I was a kid I was all about Britney, and even though she went a little crazy, I can’t help but enjoy listening to her music–past, present and probably future. “Womanizer, you’re a womanizer…”
  • I’ve wanted to own a Mac computer since I was like 12. It was always my dream to own a Mac, and create my stories on it. My dream was to own a tangerine iMac which I always thought were the coolest. When I finally bought my Macbook last summer, it was more exciting than I ever let on because it was a dream come true. And my purple Mac case made it that much prettier.
  • I can still fit into a dress I wore when I was six. No joke. It’s shorter and I have to wear a shirt under it, but for the most part it still fits me. And I kind of love that.
  • Batman is my favorite superhero. When I was a kid I always wanted to be Catwomen and my favorite Cartoon was Batman: the animated series. I also saw The Dark Knight 3 times in theater but I was hoping to see it six. And if you’ve seen the movie, I hope you got the reasoning behind that, haha.
  • I absolutely adore grocery shopping, which seems funny because it’s so hard for me to eat sometimes, but the grocery store is probably one of my favorite places in the whole world. When me and my best guy friend Nick-o used to hang out, we would seriously spend an hour walking around the grocery store together. Weird, but also fun.

And since I can’t think of anyone to tag–that and my blog repertoire is pretty minimal–I’ll leave this for anyone who wants to steal it to steal it and reveal random facts about yourself.

Oh, and finally I thought I would post a clip from Reefer Madness: the musical which I have been playing on my birthday present from Andrew since Wednesday night (oh, did I mention I have the best boyfriend ever?). Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie WATCH IT! It’s hilariously funny, and everyone loves a musical. My only warning is that it will get stuck in your head:

There is a secret that we keep… I won’t sleep if you won’t sleep.

So I have a confession to make…

No, it’s not the fact that I’ve been up since before dawn, again–apparently the only time I ever get real sleep is when I’m on vacation. Maybe I need a permanent vacation?–but a little more trivial than that. I love Gossip Girl.

I know, I know. It’s a show about spoiled, label obsessed girls who drink and do drugs and sleep with each others boyfriends. What could be appealing about that? There is nothing romantic about that kind of life style. Once upon a time, I had tried to read the books, but only got to the second one because, well, I just didn’t like it. Mostly, I found it hard to relate to the characters. When I read a book, I like to be able to picture myself as at least one character (which must be why Sarah Dessen still remains as my favorite author… I can read her books in mere hours). There needs to be something I can relate to, and when reading Gossip Girl, there was nothing.

But for some reason, the show… I can’t help but love it.

A lot of it has to do with the writing and character interaction, which reminds me of my much loved (and missed) Veronica Mars. And the characters are fun. There is something about the show which just draws me to it, and I love it. Even though it’s totally out there, and I could NEVER afford that lifestyle, I just love to watch that show and dream about what it could be like. Oh, and I just love Blair Waldorf. Sure, she’s a bitch, and spoiled, but she’s amazing and fierce. And even though I could never pull off half the things that she wears, I just adore her fashion. Honestly, if it were written in any other way, if it had stuck too close to the books, I probably would have hated it. But… I just can’t hate it. It is my guiltiest pleasure.

So naturally when I love something, I convinced Andrew to sit down and watch an episode with me. And naturally, he protested for as long as he possible could. To be honest, he judged the book by the cover–he figured it was just a show full of spoiled brats who spent too much money. So we watched the first episode, curled up around my laptop, and… he still figured it was the same. Spoiled brats. Expensive clothing. Watched a couple more episodes, and he was still unswayed. And then it happened… he got it.

Okay so Andrew would probably kill me if he knew that I was spilling his deep dark secret to all the Internet but: Andrew loves Gossip Girl. And no, it’s not just a trying-to-please-the-love-of-his-life thing. We were out walking one night, and as we were walking back to his place, I asked him what he wanted to do. “Want to watch a movie?” He didn’t say anything. There was a look on his face, hard to read. “What?” He laughed slightly and then shook his head. “Nothing. I can’t say it.” After much coaxing, and a promise that I would never tell–oops–he finally revealed: “Uh, I was wondering if we could watch what we watched last night?”

It took a minute for me to get it and then the great realization: “Oh, you mean Gossip Girl?” He nodded, embarrassed. There was some dancing, on my part, and some blushing, on his part. See, I know him better than he thinks!

We’ve finished the season–in Dalhousie, actually–and we’re BOTH excited for the new season to start. It’s like Veronica Mars all over again, which was another show I adored, and he didn’t really watch, but once he watched a couple episodes… got it. We watched the episodes together, loving every moment. I’m hoping that we will once again have a show again. We can hide in his room, curled up around his computer, watching the adventures of the upper east side.

It will be our little secret.

Oh: and happy 4 year, 10 month anniversary to my dear, Gossip Girl loving boyfriend. Yes, even after all this time, we still celebrate every month. ♥