Insert Veronica Mars theme here.


It’s really happening.

In one week, the Veronica Mars movie–a movie I’ve been waiting for since the show went off the air in 2007–becomes a reality. Words can’t even begin to describe my excitement. Back in 2009, I posted that they were trying to make a movie…. and then nothing. Eventually I started to lose hope that we’d ever get closure to the end of the series.

And then, last March, they announced the Kickstarter with an adorable video. And my dreams of a Veronica Mars movie became a reality.

I wish I could put into words the excitement I’m feeling right now. I think Kenton thinks I’m a little crazy considering I’ve been obsessing for… oh, the last year about this movie. I have my tickets, my TEAM PIZ shirt is in the works, and I’m already planning on showing up to the theater at least 2 hours early because I want the best seats in the house. Yes, I may be a little obsessed… but Veronica Mars has never let me down. All I need to do is re-watch the series in the next 6 days (which, with this weekend off, will be no issue.)

Now all I need to do is figure out a Veronica Mars themed manicure, and I’ll be all set.

Oh yeah, and TEAM PIZ all the way.


Hey… if Veronica doesn’t end up choosing Piz (LIKE SHE SHOULD), I’m more than willing to mend his broken heart… just give me a fancy hotel room and a long weekend. ;)

Come on now sugar, bring it on, bring it on yeah…

So this morning I found out something very exciting. Something which inspires me to write!

My second favorite show of all time (second only to the great Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is becoming a great feature film: Veronica Mars. I have been waiting for this announcement since the day the CW–those bastards–killed any hope I had that television is more than just reality show whores and really attractive actors playing doctors with horrible scripts and super dramatic relationship problems.

Let me start this by saying that when I was a kid, pre-Buffy, I had two childhood heroes: Nancy Drew and Penny (of Inspector Gadget fame). I can remember being in the second grade and playing Nancy Drew in the playground, pretending to pick at locks in order to “solve” crimes. It’s not an understatement to say that I wrote about a thousand stories as a child involving me and my best friends trying to stop the bad guys, all while looking cute and making witty remarks.

Buffy somewhat solved that void, but when Buffy ended my heart sank. Reruns could only do so much. ‘

And then, in 2004, came the answer to my television problem. A little television program with great writing and that Buffy air to it. So obviously, I immediately fell in love with that show. To be honest I didn’t end up watching the first season until that summer when CTV started airing it. Of course I tried getting Andrew into it initally, but he didn’t really pay that much attention while I just freaked. When the second season started, I was obsessed, although Andrew tended to watch House which was on during the same time slot. Our Tuesday nights never meshed. But the next summer, after buying the first season and, later, the second season on DVD I tried to get Andrew into it. And *bam* it worked. To the point where Andrew, halfway through the first season, borrowed the DVDs and stayed up all night watching the rest of the season because he had to find out what happened.

So at 5am this morning, when I found out on ONTD that the Veronica Mars movie is ago, I had to quiet my fangirl excitement. I’ve been having a total Veronica Mars obsession lately, and Andrew and I are currently re-working our way through the first season again. So finding out that the Veronica Mars movie will becoming to a theatre near me in (hopefully) the not too far off future, I can’t help but get super, super excited. And want to share this news with the world. I can’t wait to find out what happened: Was Keith Mars voted back into office as Sheriff? Did Logan and Veronica end up together? Did Mac and Dick finally end up together? Can I have Piz?

Oh wait, that wasn’t a loose storyline… but can I? I promise to have him home before midnight.

And for those who have never watched Veronica Mars and have no idea the amazingness they are missing (and are not close for me to personally invest them in the television program, like I have been doing with those around me. Up next, my sister and her fiance who I know will appricate it as much as I do) a short video which is going to show you all that you are missing. And hopefully make you go out, rent the first season, and become instantly hooked. So just sit back, relax, and let the magic happen…

ps. Rob Thomas, if you happen to be reading this, all I ask of this new movie is that you throw back to the orginal version of the theme song by the Dandy Warhols. If my boyfriend doesn’t do his Veronica Mars credits dance, then I will have to shed a tear. Oh yeah, and don’t eff this up. Thanks. =)